Ghost in the mirror ;D

Ghost in the mirror ;D

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

unspecific post,peoples said.♥

damn like chicks shits,''tahi ayam'' people saids.daamn.daaamn,fucks..i really misses him.he works in these holidays so much,this week didn't spend time with him, holidays was only a word.''sits''(alone)(with hours)(whole day i mean)whathe effff yiuuu sii kayy(F.U.C.K.)but nasib, i still have friends to be with;lets hangout,i said.this post is perfectly imperfect,stoop..BLANK MIND me,kaybyee :)

hope you like it :)

Friday, 16 December 2011

-you cant judge me easily.♥

haii gal,you freak kay?dont try to scold me with no reason..seriosly gal,saya trus terang kay, i dont like you since i knew how was your attitude,you love to lie on your friends,you also love to scold people but dont cares about people's feeling,oh damn fire on this one..ohyeah?you said im the gal who always ''ask praise''(minta puji) kan? then why peoples always scold you because of your bad attitude behind?ohrites..i love when you do this to me,i dont need to care of it,because i dont feel guilt,i know its all up to you what you want to say,but please gal..dont be so ''tall nose''..actually, i dont like to scold people on blog,but you make me i hope you can change your attitude,too hopes on you to change yourself.dont be a crazy pig.harap maklum,thanks reading about my feeling :) makaseh banyak.kaybyeee :)

Thursday, 15 December 2011

-enjoy the boring.♥

now,most facebookers said ''Facebook started to be boring'',yeah i think like that too?so lets talk of to say yeah?a life of facebook,actually most people log in their facebook to check or view their notiflications,or message and anything..but whats make people hates where like this; eg. ''oh yes,yeah someone likes me.. my gosh?!''( looking on their notiflication).when they opened it,and it was like this?; Someone sent you request in farmville,someone sent you request in cityville,oh whats?damn sucks man.its true,but who cares? then i  didn't log in my facebook these two days,and enjoy the boring,with my bro and cousin,so lastly,this is short and simple,makaseh reading :)

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

-life of loves,always nice to me.♥

aww,?haa,im really i went hangout with my boy, heee.. he always good to me,but sometimes joking on each other,ahha..nice day to me,this is short, shorter than the old one post,yeah,really sorry..pretty tired today,so let me make it simpleness,thanks kaybye :)hope peeps,you also have a nice day too:)

-always welcomes.♥

hey peeps.this is my new blog,ghaaha?my old blog have a bit messyness so i created a new one again,tehheee, aushh?sorriey peeps that im leaving my old blog,so oukieay?keep on touch who visited this blog,and this is just a place for me to throw me fellings,so if u dont like it,sure u can hate right?because i've didn't done any unreasonable wrong with you who hates me,so.okay maybe this is short, thanks for who respect me,i will always respect you,too.

-enjoys :)